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VBCF is supported by individuals and local businesses across the state that host charitable events and giving campaigns in their local communities. A list of fundraising ideas is below but is not limited to the following. Use your imagination and tailor events to your intended audience.

CircleScanVBCF Circles Campaign: For a suggested minimum donation of $1, $5, or $10, VBCF will supply paper icons to display and pink ribbon education cards to distribute freely. Some organizations/retail stores let donors know that their gifts to VBCF are matched dollar for dollar to show their commitment to the cause.

Throw a Party: Organize a party in the name of a great cause! Invite your family and friends to come over. Include information about VBCF in the Evite and ask each guest to bring a prewritten check in a sealed envelope. When guests arrive, collect the checks and proceed with your event. This is a great, low pressure way to raise money and enjoy your friends and family all at once.

Host a mini-fundraiser dinner party: Invite guests to dress up as if they are going to a fancy political/charity fundraiser, but instead of asking for $1,000 a plate, you could ask for $10-$100 a plate. For more fun and to spread the work, make it a progressive dinner party where guests move from home to home for each course. You could even make it a pink party and ask your guests to dress up in their favorite pink attire.

Spring-Cleaning Block Party: Organize a spring-cleaning block party in your neighborhood and donate the sale proceeds to VBCF. Make up flyers and distribute them all over town. This idea not only raises money and brings you closer to your neighbors, but also helps you get rid of items in your household that you no longer need. You might even convince a local newspaper to write a profile about your charitable neighborhood!

Spaghetti Dinner: Spaghetti is a low-cost meal that’s easy to make in large amounts, and everyone loves it! Some other fun, low-cost dinner options are pancakes and hotdogs. Add a twist and have a black-tie pancake supper!

Jeans or Casual Dress Day: If your school, organization or place of business has a strict dress code, opt for a day when people can donate a small amount (for example, $5) in exchange for the option to wear jeans or casual dress. For an ongoing fundraiser, make it a regular Friday event.

Bowling for Dollars: Invite your friends and family to go bowling. Ask each person to bring along a check in any amount to be donated to VBCF. You can bring pens, envelopes and a basket to the bowling alley. By the end of the night you will have a basketful of checks ready to go out to VBCF.

Pink Lemonade Stand: A classic!

At the gym: Ask your local gym to host an exercise class and set up individual or fundraising teams. The class fees and donations go to VBCF. As an added bonus, invite a nurse or health educator from your local health department or hospital to come to the class to teach breast self exams.

Faith Communities: Ask your faith community to do a collection in honor of VBCF. Perhaps your faith community would allow you or someone you know to speak about their experience and to raise awareness in the community.

In local restaurants: Many chain restaurants allow a profit sharing night where a portion of the proceeds go to a charitable organization. Fact Sheets/Cards could be given out with menus. Bonus: pass a can around the restaurant for additional “tips” for VBCF.

Walk/Run/Bike-a-Thon:  Another classic! You sponsor a walk – or, if you’ve got a lot of young, athletic members, a run – and people collect pledges from family, friends and coworkers to be paid if they stay the course. You can also solicit donations from local merchants, such as refreshments or other items to sell at the beginning or end of the event. Bonus: Walkathons often work well in conjunction with a raffle, as you sell tickets to win prizes donated by local merchants.  Choose your sport and get moving! You can make almost any activity into a “thon” and use it as a fundraising event by getting pledges and local sponsorship.

Car Wash: It’s more than just good clean fun, it’s also a great way to raise funds!

Kid’s Art Auction: Invite children to draw, paint, sculpt and create a gallery of their work. Parents, friends and other invited guests can then bid on each piece. Art could focus on a “pink theme” or “mothers.” You could even supplement this event with a pink refreshment sale.

Penny Drive: Children can decorate cans with VBCF logos and facts about breast cancer, and ask their neighbors, friends, schools and clubs to contribute.

Bake Sale: This tried and true fundraising event is an American classic. Participants show off their culinary expertise and check out the accomplishments of friends and neighbors.

Email and Facebook Campaigns: Ask friends to “Leave Their Lattes” for a week and donate the $30 to VBCF. 30 friends do it and you’ve nearly raised $1000!

Community sports tournament: Softball, tennis, golf – whatever sport you love! Community wide events like these also generate publicity – so you’re raising awareness while raising funds!

Breast Cancer Trivia Night: Guests pay to play. Questions could include classic trivia, as well as important information about VBCF. This idea is easily scalable – small groups could be hosted at home and larger groups could be hosted at a restaurant or a school gymnasium.

Silent Auction: This could be done with friends and family at home with unwanted items (e.g., White Elephant Auction) or it could be scaled up to a community venue with desirable items donated by local businesses. In a larger setting, other fundraising elements like a Pink Lemonade Stand and a children’s art sale could be incorporated as well.

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