Third Party Event Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to benefit VBCF!

Below are guidelines for you to follow as you consider conducting an event or promotion.

You must first complete and submit an electronic application on VBCF’s website to provide information about your proposed event. We will do our best to contact you within 5 business days with our decision. Please do not move forward with your plans until you hear from us.

Please note that while VBCF can provide guidance and free educational resources for your event, we are generally unable to provide administrative or logistical assistance (e.g., distributing invitations, compiling RSVPs, selling tickets, sitting on steering committees, etc.). If your event is approved, you should be prepared to provide all of the support necessary to organize and conduct it, including committing all funds required for the event.

The following are key policies and guidelines regarding partnerships with individuals or organizations that conduct activities to benefit VBCF.

Expense Ratio: As a responsible steward of public funds, VBCF works to keep our expenses at or below 20% of our gross revenue. While we do not mandate an expense ratio policy for third party events, we strongly encourage individuals or organizations that conduct events to benefit VBCF also be good stewards of their funds.

Insurance: VBCF does not carry insurance coverage for third-party events.

Sponsors: Any products or other item(s) sold at or in connection with events must be noncontroversial in nature.

Trademark: After an agreement is approved, individuals or organizations conducting events that benefit VBCF may use our marks.

Referencing the Event: The event must clearly state its name and then say “to benefit VBCF.” The event name must not in any way imply it is a VBCF event.

Collateral: Individuals or organizations conducting events that benefit VBCF need to be prepared to create and disseminate all publicity for the event; however, all collateral materials publicizing an approved event must be reviewed and approved by VBCF if our registered trademarks and other logos are used. Please see VBCF’s Branding Guidelines to learn more.

Disclosure: In accordance with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance’s guidelines for charitable promotions, all advertising and promotional materials for the event must clearly disclose to the public the specific amount of money from the consumer’s purchase that will be donated to VBCF (e.g., “$10 of each ticket purchased,” “10% of the sales price of this product,” etc.).

Marketing: Once an application is completed and approved, VBCF will post this event to our Calendar of Events as appropriate. The Calendar is featured on our homepage and in our monthly e-newsletters distributed to 3,000+ subscribers.

In addition, VBCF will “like” the organization’s facebook page and status updates that are tagged to VBCF. An organization may also post information specific to the VBCF approved event to VBCF’s facebook page –

Donations: Individuals or organizations conducting events that benefit VBCF must submit a check payable to VBCF within 30 days following conclusion of the event. If a sponsor, underwriter, attendee or participant is interested in making their donation directly to VBCF with a check written out to the Foundation, we are happy to accept and acknowledge those donations. If checks are made payable to VBCF they must be sent to VBCF within 7 business days of receipt.

Organizers who collect cash or checks of $250 or more from any individual donor must supply VBCF with the individual’s legal name, address and the amount received. We are required by federal law to provide that donor with a written acknowledgement.

Organizers who supply goods and services and collect cash or checks of $75 or more from any donor, must supply VBCF with the individual’s legal name, address and amount received, along with a good faith estimate of the cost of goods and services provided. We are required to provide that donor with an acknowledgement of the deductible portion of their donation.

To submit event proceeds, please mail to:
Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation
5004 Monument Ave, Ste 102
Henrico, VA 23230

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Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation
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