2013 Donors

VBCF would like to thank our generous donors for helping us continue our vital work.  With your generosity, this is a fight we can win!

Individual and Corporate Donors

  • Aaron Watson Photography
  • Karen Abrams
  • Acme Stove Company of Harrisonburg, Inc.
  • Rebecca Adams
  • Carol Akers
  • Phyllis Albritton
  • Beatrice Allen
  • Brenda Allen
  • Mary Allen
  • Allianz
  • Allied Portable Toilets
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha, Rho Mu Chapter
  • Alpha Theta Master
  • Alpha Omega Professional Cleaning
  • Amcor Packaging
  • Phyllis Anthony
  • Appomattox River Peanut
  • Tonda Arthur
  • B & R Cusoms, Inc.
  • Babe’s of Carytown
  • Emma and Brian Baker
  • Kailyn Baker
  • Lara Baker
  • Lelia and William Banks
  • Banker’s Insurance
  • Heather Barber
  • Wendy Bare
  • Heather Barefoot
  • Elaine Barnes
  • Susan Barnes
  • Richard Barrar
  • Amy Batthany
  • Battlefield Gymnastics Booster Club
  • Tamara Barnes
  • Sherry Baxter-Hometown Realty
  • Bay Creek Resort and Club
  • Betsy Beales
  • Eileen Beane
  • Beliveau Estate Winery
  • Mary Bell
  • Belmont Golf Course
  • Katherine Benedict
  • Richard Bennett
  • Stephanie Bennett
  • Kia Bentley
  • The Best Body Company Spa and Salon
  • Edgar Best
  • Biegler and Associates
  • Jodi Bischoff
  • Mary Blackwood
  • Blue Ridge Equine Clinic
  • Bradley Bodager
  • Laura Booberg
  • Viola Borders
  • Cindy Borum
  • Nancy Bosworth-Bergman
  • Ronald Bourne
  • Cecelia Bowles
  • Jean Bowman
  • Elaine Bowser
  • Etta Boyd
  • J. Carrington Burgess Trust
  • Vicki Bradt
  • Suenyo Branch
  • Paul Joseph Brannon
  • Brighton Collectibles Stony Point
  • Brighton Collectibles Potomac
  • Brighton Collectibles Williamsburg
  • Kristi Brody
  • Cheryl Bronson
  • Phyllis Broocke
  • William Brooks
  • Brookwoods Golf Club
  • Donna and Ron Brosmer
  • Denise Brown
  • Frances Brown and Beverly Bush
  • Gary Brown
  • Kimberly Brown
  • Brenda Bryant
  • Chalese Brenae Bryant
  • Kim Bryant
  • Bubbles for Hair
  • Buffalo Wild Wings-Lynchburg
  • Burkwood Aquatic Club
  • Mary Kay Burton
  • Kara Butler
  • Cabo Fish Taco
  • Cheryl Cacciotti
  • James V. Caffrey III
  • May Caggiano
  • Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Deborah A. Calhoun
  • James Call
  • Callaghan Elementary School
  • Capelli Cuts
  • Capital City Ballerz
  • Capital Group
  • Capitol One
  • Mary Carbonneau
  • Carpenter Co.
  • Katherine Carpenter
  • Lillie P. Carr
  • Louise Carr
  • Cindy Carroll
  • Mary Ellen Carroll
  • JC Carter
  • Oneida Cary
  • Cavalier Container
  • Nevia Cashwell
  • Angela Cassano
  • Charles Catlett
  • Dawn Caughey
  • Central Virginia Chapter of the NWTF
  • Central Virginia Queen’s Council
  • Amy Chalk
  • The Chandler Group, Inc.
  • Rodney and Kelly Chenault
  • Elviria R. Cherry-Thomas
  • Chesapeake Community Services Board
  • Kelly Chin and Family
  • Jesselle Christenson
  • City of Richmond- Department of Social Services
  • Janet Cogbill
  • Judy and Ralph Cohen
  • Marilyn Cole
  • Colonial Downs
  • Jennifer and Brian Connelly
  • Linda and Duncan Cooke
  • Cookies and Anarchy
  • Edith Cooley-Scott
  • Mary Copeland
  • Jean Corrigan
  • Jacqueline Covington
  • Crab Louie’s Tavern
  • Lisa Craig
  • Jacqueline Bell Crew
  • Melissa Cromwell
  • Pam Crowder
  • Cumberland Hospital
  • Andrea Cumbie
  • Dano’s Pizza
  • Paul and Brynn Davis
  • Sarah Davison
  • Holly Dean
  • Barbara and Ronald Deaver
  • Margaret Jane DeBender
  • Deep Run Roadhouse
  • Lisa DeFerrari
  • Liesl Delisio
  • Karen DeLong
  • Nancy Dempsey
  • Derriere de Soie
  • Paul and Caroline DeSoye
  • Devil’s Backbone Brewery
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Marni DiCristi
  • Barbara Dittmeier
  • Terry Dixon
  • Hong Do
  • William Doggett
  • Peggy Doherty
  • Downtown Athletic Sporting Goods
  • Nancy and Matthew Dreon
  • Marcia DuBois
  • Suzanne Dubois
  • Katherine and Michael Duffie
  • Chastity Duncan
  • Amy Lynn Dunn-Brown
  • Kendra Dunnington
  • Martha Durcan
  • Joyce Easter
  • Eleanor K. Eck
  • Amanda Eicher
  • Edward and Yvonne Eisenberg
  • Patricia Eller
  • Endtime United Church of Jesus Christ
  • Connie L. Engleman
  • Deborah Epps
  • Escape Salon
  • Evergreen Elementary School
  • Executive Women’s Golf Association
  • Kathy Fagan
  • Falcouner Construction
  • Elisabeth Farnsworth
  • Wanda Fears
  • Eunice and James Fenwick
  • Jenny Fernandez
  • Festive Faire
  • The Field School
  • Carla Finkielstein
  • Rose Fiorello
  • First National Brokerage Corporation
  • First United Baptist Church, Newport News
  • Fish On Bait and Tackle
  • Filamina Jewelry, LLC
  • Nancy Fitzgerald
  • Michele Flint
  • Flow Audi
  • Ann Ford
  • Phillip Forgit
  • Linda Fox
  • Franklin’s Franks
  • Freestyle, Sepp and Measi Kober
  • Carolyn Freudenthal
  • Sally Fricke
  • Fringe Benefit
  • Rola Fuleihan
  • Fun Events
  • Kathy Funk
  • Rodney Futrell
  • GFWC Worthington Woman’s Club
  • Helen and Theodore Galanides
  • Gasburg Golf Cars, LLC
  • Ann Marie Gathright
  • The Gatton-Yohn Family
  • Sheila Gee
  • Cheryl Gehrer
  • Barbara and Don Geisler
  • CJ George and Anita Smith
  • Shirley George
  • Marcia and Henry Gerhart
  • Angie Gerst
  • Gillie’s Confectionery
  • Glenmore Yoga and Wellness
  • Gobble Cakes, LLC
  • Golden Touch Massage and Spa
  • Golf Galaxy
  • GolfTec
  • Lauren Golliday
  • Robert and Monica Gowin
  • Carrie Grady
  • Ellen and Timothy Graf
  • Grafton High School
  • Kristin Gray
  • Great Eastern Purveyors
  • Greenwood Gourmet
  • Carol Gregory
  • Susan Gregory
  • Rona Greenfield
  • Rhonda Griffin
  • Jean Ann and Conley Grimes
  • Joyce Grimes
  • Patricia Grimm
  • Susan Grinnan
  • Robert Grissom
  • Gryffon’s Aerie
  • Beth Guthridge
  • Nan Hailey
  • Hair Cuttery
  • Hair Perfection, Inc.
  • Samuel E. Hall
  • Shirley Hall
  • The Halligan Bar and Grill
  • Cheryl Hammond
  • Beth Hardy
  • Perry Hargrove
  • Emily Hartman
  • Randy Harris
  • Noelle Harrison
  • Jennifer Harvey
  • Candace Haske
  • Linda Hauserman
  • Tony Hawkinson
  • Barbara and Mark Hawley
  • Deborah and Jim Hayes
  • Virginia Heatwole
  • Virgie and Charles Heermance
  • Candice Henceroth
  • Connie Henry
  • James and Susan Henry
  • Sara Henry
  • Amanda Hensen
  • Chris and Chad Hensen
  • Dana Hern-Elmquist
  • Krisyen Hess
  • Hightech Signs
  • Susan and Michael Hildebrand
  • Cabell and Michael Hintz
  • Martha Hodges
  • Hoffman Archery
  • Maureen Hoffman
  • Lynn Holly
  • Beverly and Lemuel Holmes
  • Darryl Holt
  • Mary Hom
  • Stephanie House-Niamke
  • Home Depot
  • Hopewell High School
  • Melanie and Mark Householder
  • Hughes Group Architects
  • Pam Hughes
  • Caherine Huskerson
  • Sally Hurt
  • Mary Beth Hyatt
  • Imagine This, Co.
  • Invesco
  • J and W Seafood
  • Jackson Davis Elementary PTA
  • Amarily Jackson
  • Monica Jackson
  • Ronne and Cecil Jacobs
  • Steve Jacob’s OD
  • Jason’s Deli
  • Cheri James
  • Jefferson Lakeside Country Club
  • Lil Jefferson
  • Anita Jenkins
  • Martha Jenkins
  • Alexander Jennings
  • Ann Johnson
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Danette Johnson
  • Inez Johnson
  • Freda Johnson
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Nannie Johnson
  • Lindsey Johnston
  • Lori Johnston
  • Cabell Jones
  • Eileen Jones
  • Meredith Jones
  • Robley Jones
  • Ronnie Jones
  • Christina and William Kantzler
  • Brenda and Frederick Karp
  • Claire Kaugars
  • Kathy Keeler
  • Kelly Girl Ceramics
  • Cheryl A. Kelly
  • Edith and Dale Kennedy
  • Elizabeth Kennon
  • Cheryl and Pongvut Khanamuenwai
  • Kristin Kim
  • Won Kim
  • King Family Vineyards
  • King William Athletic Boosters
  • Sarah Kinsey
  • Renee and Jack Knick
  • Taylor Randolph Koch
  • Debbie Krahe
  • Tracy and Michael Kristiensen
  • Kroger
  • Helen Kuno
  • La Bella Hair Studio
  • La Cucina
  • Douglas and Marie LaDuke
  • Lady Stunnaz Old School Car Club
  • Michael Laidlaw
  • Denise Laman and Valerie Thomson
  • Debbie Fitzkee Lane
  • Lisa Landa
  • Audrey Landers PhD
  • Cheri and John Lankford
  • Traci Lantzy
  • Alison Lawrence
  • Betty Leap
  • Rhonda Leavitt
  • Katherine Lecker
  • Marilyn LeGrow
  • Joyce Lee
  • Dorothy and Ronald Lewis
  • LewisGale Hospital Montgomery
  • Dorothy and Andy Leung
  • LifeCare Medical Transports, Inc.
  • Patricia Liles
  • Dina and Steven Liner
  • Susan Lindsay
  • Keith M. Link
  • Jeanette Lipman
  • Phyllis S. Lishey
  • Karen Lord
  • Lowes
  • Louise Lubin, PhD
  • Meegan Lybolt
  • Lykins Chiropractic Center
  • Caitlin Lyon
  • Gwendolyn Mack
  • Ruby Mahan
  • Main Street Inn, Blacksburg
  • Tanya Maloney
  • Mildred Mallory
  • Mamma Felicia’s
  • Manchester Capital
  • Karen Mann
  • Sania Marcoccia
  • Laurie and Donald Marker
  • Kathleen and Charles Marks
  • Amy Maroney
  • Ann Martin
  • Deborah Martin
  • Karen Matthews
  • Matrix Gallery
  • Mary Maxwell
  • Kim Mayes
  • Joyce Mayfield
  • Tatiana Mazzariol
  • Ibe Mbanu
  • McCade Design
  • Leisa McCord
  • Arnel McCoy
  • Geoffrey R. McDonald, PC
  • Holly and Paul McFall
  • Tamarah McGee
  • B. L. McGehee
  • McGuire VA Medical Center Support Group
  • Joan McLaughlin
  • Tanula McInnis
  • Julia McLellan
  • Becky McNeer
  • Douglas Meade
  • Mae Meadows
  • The Methuselah Center
  • Naomi Meyer
  • The Micawber Foundation
  • Arbo Miller
  • Joan Miller
  • Kathy Miller
  • Laurie Miller
  • Maureen Miller
  • Miller Asset Solutions, LLC
  • Scott Miller, My Liberty Threads
  • Kathleen Mills
  • MiMi’s Cafe
  • Cathy Mitchell
  • Carol Mitchell
  • Jennifer Moelchert
  • Helen Momon
  • Rosalie Moniz
  • The Monogram Shop
  • Bobbie Moore
  • Catherine Moore
  • Martha and Vance Moore
  • Candace Moose
  • J. Dabney and Betty Morris
  • Yolanda and Gregory Morris
  • Amy Morrison
  • Ellen Moseley
  • Robert Moshier
  • Debbie Moss
  • Mountain View Brewery
  • Cindy Muncy
  • Music Today
  • Slim Nance
  • Suzanne and John Nash
  • Yvonne Nash
  • Natural Kneads Massage Therapy
  • Kelly Neale
  • Ellie and Katie Nguyen
  • Manh Nguyen
  • Jewel Nolte
  • Rebecca and Richard Nordin
  • Fred Norman
  • Elizabeth Northen
  • John Noss
  • Richard Nuckols
  • Obadal, Filler, MacLeod and Klein, PLC
  • Kim O’Brien
  • Tuwanna and Josiah Okafor
  • Old Point National Bank
  • Olive Branch Preschool
  • Cammie Olson
  • Optima Health
  • John Orrock
  • Mary L. Owenby
  • Owens and Minor
  • Trish Owens
  • Pacific Life
  • Ann Padgett
  • Padow’s Hams and Deli
  • Nicole Paige
  • Sima Pandya
  • Paparazzi Jewelry
  • Teliscia and Horace Parham
  • Beblon Parks
  • Catherine Parks
  • Melissa Parodi
  • Clara Patillo
  • Delia Patillo
  • Paul Reed Smith Guitars
  • Nancy Payne
  • Jeanette Pease
  • Lisa and Lulu Pelfrey
  • Kerri Pellicane
  • Penn Mutual
  • Sandra and Charles Perschetz
  • Phat Guitars
  • Carolyn Phillips
  • Dorothy Phillips
  • Miriam Picus
  • Tim Piester
  • The Pilot House
  • Debi Pine
  • The Pink Butterfly Foundation- Fall Brazaar
  • Jan P. Plude
  • Plumberologist
  • Polish Nail Bar
  • Jamie J. Popkin
  • Glenna and Frank Poynter
  • Amy Powell and Susan Salek
  • Kristi Prendergast
  • Ivy Pressendo
  • Carlton Prillaman
  • Providence Golf Club
  • Cara and Wayne Pruett
  • Quantitative Investment Management
  • Edna Ramirez
  • Karim Ramirez
  • Karen Rascoe
  • Samantha Reed
  • Residence Inn- Chester
  • Robert Resnick
  • Sarge Reynolds
  • reQuire, LLC
  • Cecilia Rich
  • Richmond Flying Squirrels
  • Richmond Kettlebell Club
  • Richmond Smile Center-Dr. Charles Martin
  • Richmond Surgical Specialists
  • Richmond Trolley Co.
  • Rich’s Stitches
  • Damon Riddell
  • Deneen Riddick
  • Rimm-Kaufman Group, LLC
  • Julie Rison
  • Rivermont Pizza
  • River’s Edge Elementary School
  • Paula and Jason Roberts
  • Deborah Robold
  • Meg Rock
  • Christopher Rollison
  • Anne Rohman
  • Beth Rosenberg
  • Tom Rosenberg
  • Barbara Ross-Cersley
  • Malinda Rossi
  • Lisa Rowley
  • Gail T. Roy
  • Gay Rudis
  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
  • RVA Card, LLP
  • Jeanette and Vipal Sabharwal
  • Linda Santini
  • Ana Sastre
  • Suzanne Saunders
  • Katy and Dwayne Sawyer
  • Jack Sayegh
  • Pam Saylors
  • Janine Schroder
  • Julie Sears
  • W. Seay
  • Elizabeth Selden-Bowie
  • Marilyn Schempf
  • Beth Schmohl
  • Brandon Shank
  • Rasesh Shah and Gayatri Kapur
  • Zahra Shariff
  • Tracey Sheehan
  • Kay Sheldon
  • Brandon Shipp
  • Pete and Autumn Shrock
  • Linda Seeman
  • Mary Self
  • Kay Sheldon
  • Kathleen Shiel
  • Jo Ann Shirley and Elaine German
  • Meg and Brett Shrader
  • Wayne Shumake
  • Susan Siegel
  • Sign’s Unlimited
  • Ann Macon Simpson
  • Donna Sisson
  • Ashley Simmons
  • Janie Slayden
  • Dale Leonard Smith
  • Julia Smith
  • Linda R. Smith
  • Robert R. Smith III
  • Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.
  • Jennie and Stan Southworth
  • Spotts-Fain
  • Jeanette Staats
  • Ellie St. John
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Standard Produce
  • Starr Hill Brewery
  • Patricia Stauffer
  • Margaret Stem
  • Ivy Stennett
  • Shelley Stepp
  • Lynn Stevens
  • Stevens Jewelers
  • Elizabeth and David Stith
  • Flora Stone and Girl Scout troop 5033
  • Jodi Strange
  • Dennis Strawderman and Patricia Goodall-Strawderman
  • Eric Stubler
  • Isabelita Sturm
  • SweetFrog Enterprises
  • Annette Summers
  • Sun America
  • Sunset Grill
  • SuperCuts
  • Michael Blake Swenson
  • Sycamore Creek Golf Course
  • T Clay Wood Elementary School PTO
  • Tacoma Inc.
  • Corliss Tacosa
  • Angela and William Talbert
  • Mary Beth Taormina
  • Cheryl Taylor
  • Christina and Randy Taylor
  • Fay Davis Taylor
  • Gloria Taylor
  • Women of Temple Rodef Shalom
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Gillian Thaxter
  • The Bush League
  • The Lodge at Old Trail
  • Barbara Thexton
  • Frank and Pascale Thomas
  • Wendell and Kay Thomas-Long and Foster
  • Bonnie and William Thompson
  • Sara Jean Thompson
  • Seneca and Richard Tillies
  • Susan Tichenor
  • Mel Titus
  • Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market
  • Jennifer Tompkins
  • Traditional Golf Properties
  • Triad Demolition, LLC
  • Cynthia and Charles Trobaugh
  • Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing, LLC
  • Cathy Tullidge
  • Jo Turek
  • Robert Tyler
  • Dean and Elizabeth Underwood
  • University of Virginia Health System
  • Uptown Alley
  • Virginia Eye Institute
  • Virginia Health Network
  • Virginia Tech Services
  • Virginia Tent
  • Virginia Veterans Care Center
  • Volkert, Inc.
  • Kathleen Voncanon
  • Kristin Voss
  • Pam Vossenberg
  • Wanda Lee Waldman
  • Walgreens
  • Deborah and Stanley Walkuw Jr.
  • Kendall Wallace
  • Megan, Luke and Henry Walsh
  • Betty Walters
  • Karen Walters
  • Walton Gallery
  • Mary Ward
  • Mark Watkins
  • Lillie Wauford
  • Denise Weisberg
  • Brittany Wells
  • Sherry L. Welsh
  • Ruth Werner
  • Ellen West
  • Jo Ann West
  • Allison White
  • Kelly White
  • Cynthia Whitaker
  • Carolyn White
  • Pat Wheelbarger
  • WhichWich
  • Jill Wiggins
  • Beth Wilkerson
  • Amy Wilson
  • Chifaun Williams
  • Susanne Williams
  • Sarah Wilmer, DDS
  • Sandra Wilson
  • Wendy and Timothy Wilson
  • Regina Windsor
  • Windy Hill Golf and Sports Complex
  • Janet Wingfield
  • Pam Wingfield
  • Deidre Winn
  • Barbara Wirwille
  • Gloria Witcher
  • Ariana Wolfe
  • William Wolfe/ Wells Fargo
  • Pam Wood
  • Woodcraft Supply
  • Woodlawn Learning Center
  • John Woodriff
  • Melanie Woods and Sue Smith
  • Cheryl Woodward
  • David Word Automotive
  • Jennifer Workman
  • Michael Yager
  • Elizabeth and Ross Yaple
  • Amy Yarcich
  • Judy Yeargan
  • Nancy Yglesias
  • Kristy Yount
  • Tatiana Zambrano
  • Zion Bethel United Church of Christ- Women’s Ministry


In honor of Isabel Akpinar
Mehmet Akpinar-Zorba’s Restaurant

In honor of Betty Armentrout
Carolyn Trimmer

In honor of Beth and Marilyn Beagle
Tab Battle

In honor of Dianne and Bob Blankenship
Pam Saylors and Judy Grubb

In honor of Cynthia Binford
Gail Thompson

In honor of Loretta Brown
Donald Cherry

In honor of The Buff Foundation
Main Street Inn

In honor of Florita Bundy
Dr. Joel Bundy

In honor of Glen Butler’s DC Trail Marathon Run
Emma Brander
Mayra Caracas
Nick and Andrea Catt
Rory Etherington
Jim Faulkner
Hannah Feuer and Family
Mollie Greenberg and Family
JQ Kuang
Lansell Family
Jack Latham
Stephen John Lehany
Steven MacDonald
Aneesha Sampath and Family
Boka Stoichkov

In honor of Chris Chilton
Beth Hardy

In honor of Caelie Culbertson
Paige and Robert Morey

In honor of Becky Dickson
Marilyn and Allen Cole

In honor of Phyllis Dunbar and Eileen Miller
Cathie Lee

In honor of Betty Ellis
Rheda Gibson

In honor of Rosalie Eshleman
Lyubov Slashcheva

In honor of Wanda Fears
Kay and Wendell Thomas, Long and Foster

In honor of Karen Franklin
Karen Franklin’s Ya-Yas (Bonnie, Camille, Cindy and Mary Etta)

In honor of CJ George
Acumen Corporation
Paul and Brynn Davis
J. Michael Grappone
Denis Klisz
Angela Lawrence
Kimberly Perkins

In honor of CJ George and Anita Smith
Gay Rudis

In honor of Patti Goodall
Teresa Dayrit
Peg Hubbard

In honor of Martha Gunter and Lynn Vancey
Sherwood Title, LLC

In honor of Carrie Hazzard
Rheda Gibson

In honor of Scott Heinz
Mary Bickers

In honor of Camille Hilton
Cynthia Barnett

In honor of and in memory of Dorothy G. Hoefer
Elizabeth Hardy and Richard Hoefer

In honor of Phyllis Katz
Ann Hodges

In Honor of Dr. George Knaysi
St. Mary’s Ambulatory Surgery Unit

In honor of Tracy Labin
Sabrina Smith

In honor of Ann Laman
Denise Laman

In honor of Karen Lange
Carol and J. Lewis Winston

In honor of Judy Layne
Marjorie Heywood

In honor of Meegan Lybolt
Kim Bryant

In honor of Fredia Malarkey
Gloria Starkman

In honor of Sandra Melvin
Sandra Melvin

In honor of Penny Mills
Beth Hardy

In honor of Elizabeth Moniz
Rosalie Moniz

In honor of Patsy Moore
Janice McCormick

In honor of Patti Moore
Susan Siegel

In honor of Virginia Mullins
John and Karen Sherwood

In honor of Lib Northen
Pam Saylors and Judy Grubb

In honor of Candy Oliver
Denise Laman and Valerie Thomson

In honor of Beblon Parks
Chastity Howard
Melanie Johnson

In honor of the Pink Pearls
Sandra Stringfield

In honor of Brenda Philbin
Mary Haislip

In honor of Aleli G. Romero, MD
Cynthia Romero

In honor of Gay Rudis
CJ George
Marilyn Crump

In honor of her mom, Brenda Trimmer Savage
Rachel Loving

In honor of Katy Sawyer
Beth Hardy
Michael and Eva Hardy

In honor of Melinda Shepherd
Jody and Cliff Cohen

In honor of Dr. George Silver
Melissa Silver

In honor of Donna Spencer
Tina and Michael Jones

In honor of Tammy Stuck
Christina Culbertson

In honor of Mildred Sulkevich
Philip and Lisa Boudreaux

In honor of Sharon Talarico
Cynthia Barnett
Illinois Mutual

In honor of Carolyn Trimmer and Brenda Trimmer Savage
Carolyn Trimmer
Cindy White

In honor of Jo Ann West
Nick and Roseanne Diacetis
Terry Jones
Karherine W. Mays
Linda Wood Mays
Jewel and F. Michael Nolte

In honor of Debbie Woolard
Frances Brown


In memory of Hermene Addison
Rheda Gibson

In memory of Alberta G. Akers
Wanda Shepheard

In memory of Katherine Anderson
Penny Woods

In memory of Gladys and Mitchell Armentrout
Betty Armentrout

In memory of CJ Armstrong
Linda Wood Mays

In memory of Cathy Bobersky and Sara
Gloria Taylor

In memory of Robin Conyers Braxton
Paulette Edmonds

In memory of Clotile Carter
Wildred and Robert Elcan

In memory of Lynn Case
Sally Boltz

In memory of Cookie Clark
Carol and Mike Danforth

In memory of Lennie Clements

In memory of Cousin Kathy and Aunt Mari
Debby Cohen and Sharon Talarico

In memory of her mother, Marie Brown Davis, and Barbara Brown
Anne Brown Davis

In memory of Carol Derrick and Lois Derrick
Lisa Branner Stickley

In memory of Nancy Dopp
Elizabeth Dopp
Melissa Dopp

In memory of Leona Dubnick
Lester Dubnick

In memory of Margaret Duff
Teresa and Ray Snow

In memory of Barbara Dyle
Donna Ringe

In memory of Betty P. Early and Dottie McPeak
B. Diane Meade

In memory of Irene Elliott
Brenda and Frederick Karp

In memory of Shirley Gailliot
Robin Gailliot

In memory of Mary Ann Gehm
David Gehm

In memory of Mary Jane Goodwyn
Leslie Radcliff

In memory of Dorothy Hardy
Robert Hardy
Mary Poole

In memory of Dorothy G. Hoefer
Dr. Richard Hoefer and Elizabeth Harden

In memory of Carol Holt
Betty and Ronald Blevins

In memory of Denise Hornberger
Gloria Caine

In memory of Helen T. Johnson
Betty D. Johnson

In memory of Virginia C. Johnson
Brian and Vanessa Johnson
Denny and Jane Johnson

In memory of Carrie Jones
Linda Strickland

In memory of the Kubat Girls
Cynthia Kubat

In memory of Selma Leinwand
Roberta and Peter Opper

In memory of Julie Mahon
Linda Seeman

In memory of Becky Morris
Gail Carr
Wilson and Warren Trevvett

In memory of Sally Hagy Morriss
Phoebe Antrim

In memory of Vivian Moore
Estate of Evelyn Hubbard

In memory of Sally Hagy Morriss
Betty and J. Dabney Morriss

In memory of Monica Mowery
Lester Dubnick

In memory of Vivian Murad
Robert Resnick

In memory of Eleanor Nonnemacher
Elizabeth and Paul Bittenbender

In memory of Lori Odum
Elizabeth Haddad

In memory of Ingrid Feldhaus van Ham Peake
Acacia Midtown
Constance and Bruce Alves
Maude Baltzegar
Robin and John DelBello
Gregory Beckett and Daniel Dexter
Bree Brostko and Dudley Vest
Michelle and Kyle Ganson
Greg Gilliam and Richard Stone
Betsy and Herb Hill
Maureen and Terry Hopkins
Elizabeth King
Deb and Deen Lady
Patricia and Lee Lockman
Florence and Eugene Lunger
Dorothea and Alan Martin
Marilyn and Ted McAvoy
Deb and Steve McCain
Glenn Miller
Mrs. Frances Miller
Sandra and Richard Miller
Bonnie and Joel Newman
Josephine and Clifford Peake
Elaine and Richard Pratt
Nancy Quinn and Johnson Kanady
Annie and Wilbur Reitzer
Emily and Jonathan Rivera
Frances and Scott Shahan
Laura and Otto Shreaves
Camilla and David Shriver
Susan Smith

In memory of Bonnie L. Powell
Amy Powell

In memory of Sheron Richardson
Dawn Barter
Jeanette Bazzetta
Deborah and JP Brehony
Sue Brooks
Victoria and Clay Bunting
Linda and Joseph Byrnes
Charles Cobb
Cesar and Caroline Collantes
Barbara Cooper
Dean Counts
Diane Daly
The Dubacs
Eagle 1 Construction
Catherine Faught
Sharon and David Fleming
Emma Freeland and Frederick Stevens
Jennifer Frost
Heather and Patrick Garritty
Anne Greene
Laurie Hendren
Gregory Hughes
Landon and Sharon Jones
Hervey and Kris Keator and Family
The Mills
Bret Phillips
Lynn Pendley
Tracey and Kenneth Richardson
John Rivera
Yolanda and Bert Sarraga
Sheppards and Biddles
Patrick Smith
Sherry Stone
Storer Insurance Agency
The Tivnans
Starr Wagener
Lien and Joseph Weakland
Aisha Zeigler

In memory of Margaret Riddell
Damon Riddell

In memory of Jo Ann Satterfield
Betty and Bill Robertson

In memory of Elizabeth Saunders
Mary Saunders

In memory of Frances and John Saylors
Pam Saylors and Judy Grubb

In memory of Libby Schenemann
Brooke Point High School

In memory of Connee Siegel
Susan Siegel

In memory of Sara Cone Simpson
Sally Neblett

In memory of Creasie Rose Smith
Teresa Woodard

In memory of Judith Sommerstein
Dina and Steven Liner

In memory of Donna Spears
Randy Spears

In memory of Stephanie Steiger
Cynthia Barnett

In memory of Jill Tromba
Thelma Crenshaw Elementary School

In memory of Betsy Wagner
John and Ginny Kowalski

In memory of Joy Willis
Sandra Giberson

In memory of Adele Wilton
Carolyn Trimmer
Bobbie Wilton

In memory of Ethel Womack
Teresa Woodard

In memory of Judith Golding Zedd
Jacob G. Zedd

Employee Giving Programs

America’s Charities
Bank of America Employee Giving
Combined Charities Campaign
Combined Federal Campaign
Costco Employee Giving
Dominion Employee Giving
Genworth Foundation
IBM Employee Services
SunTrust United Way Campaign
United Way South Hampton Roads

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