2017 Donors

VBCF would like to thank our generous donors for helping us continue our vital work. With your generosity, this is a fight we can win!

In honor of Kaye Adams, Catherine Quinn and Kathy Marino
May Caggiano

In honor of Lori Ando
John Orrock

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown
Ellen and Richard November

In honor of Tracy Scheyer Buchanan
Anna Martin

In honor of Sandra Browning from the team of Drs. Hutchison and Gorman
Kim Davis

In honor of Dargan Cherry
Donald Cherry

In honor of Terry Tenuta Cornell
Patricia Goodall and Dennis Strawderman

In honor of Emily Dowdy
Order of the Eastern Star- Kempsville Chapter No. 173

In honor of Barbara Fobbs
Evelyn Cooley

In honor of Mary Ann Gehm
David Gehm

In honor of Linda Guinn
Martha O’Hare

In honor of Patti Goodall
Deborah Howard
Barbara and Cliff Goodall
Peg Hubbard

In honor of Wanda Harvey
Kanya Ford

In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Gupton, Randy and Diane Carrington, Mr. and Mrs. Jime Jeter and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cummings
Mary Rose Gupton

In honor of Candace Haske
Susan Haske

In honor of Scott Heinz
Mary Bickers

In honor of the Kappa Epsilon Tau chapter at the VCU School of Pharmacy
South by Sea

In honor of Kathy Kerber
Debra Kerber

In honor of Kristin
Crystal Owen

In honor of Denise Margraf
Marsha Martin

In honor of Hahid Mehryari
Sarah Jones

In honor of Jean Minor
Joyce and Henry Hardaway
Nancy Sayre
Nancy White

In honor of Gay Rudis
Martha O’Hare
John Orrock

In honor of Christine Spriggs
Flex Zone Fitness

In honor of Joye Stewart
Dana Gibson

In honor of Jackie Upton
Denson’s Grocery and R&B Oyster Bar

In honor of JoAnn Wilkerson
Eric Smith

*Donations received in 2017, through November 15th.

In memory of Sarah O. Adams
Susan and Strother Adams Jr.
Gloria and Gladstone Crosen

In memory of Christine Baler
Steve Walls
Brenda Wynne

In memory of Consuelo Jan Branch
Susan Burton

In memory of Arnita Braxton and Arnita Yates and in honor of Angela Brown
Dianne Braxton

In memory of Donna Brosmer
Iris Crelot
Rosalie and Paul Giansiracusa
Emily Gillis
Brittany Montalvo
T-Mobile and Dawn Rochet

In memory of Kimberly Mann Byron
Patricia Goodall and Dennis Strawderman

In memory of Nancy Dopp
Elizabeth Dopp

In memory of Inez Eason
Excel Truck Group

In memory of Bertha Gray
Shelly Robertson

In memory of Evelyn Hagen
Linda Abbatiello
Clear One Advantage
Jeanette Waters

In memory of Lynnece Hale
Denbigh Christian Academy
Kathleen Medici
Kathryn Medici
SNOW Companies, LLC
Irene Williams

In memory of Sallie B. Halbrooks
Jane Baggett
Jackie Williams

In memory of Dorothy Hardy
Robert Hardy

In memory of Helen and Evelyn
Linda Strickland

In memory of Norma Hopkins
Jean Harrell

In memory of Alice T. Jordan
Sharon Goodrich

In memory of Mildred Jones
Springfield Lorton Dental Group

In memory of Jo Ann Rogers Jones
N. B. Clements Junior High School

In memory of Sherry Kohlenberg
Frances Goldman

In memory of Donna Kovalcheck
Janet and Earl Merritt

In memory of Selma Leinwand
Roberta and Peter Opper

In memory of Marge
Henry Boelte

In memory of Becky Morris
Eleanor K. Eck

In memory of Sally Nagy Morriss
J. Dabney and Betty Morriss

In memory of Chris Pawlowski’s sister
Ellen and Richard November

In memory of Ingrid Peake
Garyt Shiflett

In memory of Mary Ann Price Pegram
ACF Environmental

In memory of Sharon Richardson
Suzanne Brooks

In memory of Meg Rock
Barbara Ross-Cersley
East Sales Team Leadership and Pete

In memory of Elizabeth K. Saunders
Mary Saunders

In memory of Clive Shepherd
Amy Gillard
Saraleigh Merrey- Tuesday Night Stitchers

In memory of Jessie Taylor
Eunice and James Fenwick

In memory of Mary Wood
Suzanne and Robert Lawson

In memory of Angela Younger
Nadine Jones

*Donations received in 2017, through November 15th.

9 Round Richmond Fitness, LLC
Able Security Plus, Inc.
Alpha Delta Kappa- Beta Lambda Chapter
Alpha Theta Master- Beta Sigma Phi
Phyllis Albritton
Brenda Allen
Altar’d State
Shirley Ammon
Ammo Brewing
Celeste Anderson
Phyllis Anthony
Phoebe Antrim
Carol Armstrong
Asbury Elementary School
Salud Astruc
Bailey’s Jewelry Ventures
Bains Family Gift Fund
A. Baker
Melissa Balint
Christina Ballard
Phyllis Banks
Sherry Banner
Angela Bartle
Battlefield Gymnastics/ GMS Gymnastics
Erin Bauer and Michael Whitmer
Harry Bear, MD
Eric Belkowski
Richard Bennett, MD
Blacksburg Days Inn
Evelyn Blackwell
Shawnrell Blackwell
Nadia Blanchet, MD
Wendy Blankenship
Bon Secours Health System, Inc
Lisa and Philip Boudreaux
Cynthia Bowen
Becky Bowers-Lanier
Cecelia Bowles
LaKisha Bradby
Sherleen Branch
Kim and Jeff Branco
Brighton Collectibles Potomac
Brighton Collectibles Short Pump
Phyllis Broocke
William Brooks
Katherine Brown
Robin Brown
Sherra Brown
Penny and Michael Browning
Susan Burton
Shelley Butler
Capital City Lodge
Katherine Carpenter
Tiffany Carpenter
Diane Carrington
Lyn and Cecil Carroll
Kali Casper
Barbara Champion
Anitra Chavis
Doris Cheek
Sharry Chenault
Angie Clark
Joan and Francis Clarke
Delicia Clements
Julia Clements
Joyce Coakley
Heather Coe
Lori Cochran
Judy and Ralph Cohen
Rowena Coleman
Elijah Coley
Wanda Collins
Comserve Corporation
Jackie and John Condelli
Conduent/ CoverVA
Gabriele Conn
M. Gail Connor
Edith Cooley-Scott
Jamie and Rick Coomer
Bertha Corprew
County of Prince George
Courtyard by Marriott Chester
Sheila Coverson
Cowgirls for a Cure
Chantel Cox
Deborah and Michael Crawford
Cecelia Crouch
June and Ed Cummings
Devin Curry
D. W. Cary Hauling
LaTanya Daniels
Susan Davis
Sammi Dawson
Elizabeth and Norman Dean
Margaret Jane DeBender
Decorum, Inc
Lisa DeFerrari
Department of the Navy-NEPMU-2
LaTanya Dickerson-Tedder
Disco Sports
Lester Dubnick
LaShonna Dyson
Michael Edwards Kasko
Jan Edwards
Yvonne and Edward Eisenberg
Jessica and Richard Engel
George Exarhacos
Wanda Fears
Eunice and James Fenwick
Arnetha Fields
First United Baptist Church
Amy Flowers
Kanya Ford
Danielle Fordham
Anna and Lawrence Frank
Paul Frankel
Fringe Benefit
Demetria Fuller
Phyllis Futyma
Dawn Garrett
Libby Gatewood
Barbara and Don Geisler
Wanda and Prince Gilliard
Gillie’s Confectionery
Bill Gosling Outsourcing
Holland Gravely Jr
Great Eastern Purveyors
Sharon Gregg
Jasmin Gregory
Sue Gupton
Mary Helen Hackney, MD
Stacey Hall
Eileen Hallenback
Linda Hamlet
Louisa and Andrew Hammond
Bobbi Jo and John Hampton
Rita Handley
Beth Hardy
Eva and Michael Hardy
Ann Harris
Peggy and Bill Harvey
Janice Hathcock
Cassandra Hawkins
Margaret Haymore
John Heath
Henrico High School
Kathy Hicks
Lynda Ho
Sharon Hopkins
Tisha Howard
Alzita Howell
Marta Howell
Valerie Hoyle
Sharon and Scott Huff
W. Scott Huzek
Roselyn Jackson
Shelby Jackson
Donna Jacobs
Steve Jacobs, O.D.
Martha Jenkins
Kim Jennings
Sylvia Johns
Brenda Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson
Joyce Johnson
N. B. Johnson
Johnson, Mirmran and Thompson, Inc.
Margie Jones
Mary and Ronald Jones
Sarah Jones
Shenna Jones
Theresa Jones
Joan Jordan
Dinora Juarez
Lana Juarez
Stacey Juran
Judith Jurutka
Kappa Epsilon Tau Chapter
Brenda and Frederick Karp
Keen’s Towing and Hauling
Jacie Keith
Josh Kelly
Vivian and Timothy Kelly
Robin Kennedy
Kent Jewelers
Malcolm Kerley
D. Kilby
Nostalgia Little Killer-Wright
King Technical Apparel
Gloria Koenig
Todd Kreikamp
Kevin Lands
Racquel and Robert LaPenna
Tina and Michael Lea
Betty Leap
Adrianne Leonard
Vickey Logan
Betty Lohr
Shawnte London
*Donations received in 2017, through November 15th.

MDM Networks
Ruby Mahan
Main Street Inn
Kathleen H. Marks
Matrix Gallery
Mary Maxwell
Scout McAlexander
Laura McCombs
Amoy McDonald
Paul McGraw
Katie McIvor
Ginger McLain
Laverne McWilliams
Michele Mehrling
Mellow Mushroom
Maureen Miller
Montvale Presbyterian Church
Donna Moran
J. Dabney and Betty Morriss
Mraz Charitable Trust DTD
Mt. Hermon Chapter Order of the Eastern Star
Irene Morris
Lindalee and Richard Mulligan
Wanda Murrell
Tamara Neagle
Leslie Neilan
Tamara Nelson
New Grace Church
New Vision Ministries
Robyn Newton
Lucy Nieves
Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy
John Noss
NVCC Woodbridge Student Government Association
Sharon O’Sullivan
O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub
Osbourn Park High School
Owens and Minor
Karen Paige
LeRoyal Parker
Tom Peeters
Bernice Perkins
Charles and Sandra Perschetz
Sandra and Stephen Peterson
Carolyn Phillips
Pilgrim Journey Baptist Church- Health Ministry
Lauren Pitts
Elizabeth Pope
Harriett Pratt
Kelly Preston
Barbara Price
Pamela Price
Stacy Price
Prince George High School
Quarles Petroleum Inc
DeAnn Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez and Joseph Saylor
Richmond Area Oncology Nurses Society
Richmond Surgical Specialists
Dorian Ridley-Curtis
Shelley Robertson
Cheryl Robida
Robinson Band and Orchestra Parents Organization
Rockbridge Farmers Co-op/ Ace Hardware
Kathleen and Thomas Rose
Malinda Rossi
Jenny Rubin Howren
Gay Rudis
Allie Russell
Margaret Sacra
Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Charlene Saunders
Katy Sawyer
Courtney and Allen Scherer
Linda Seeman
William Sharpe III
A. J. Shaw
Shop-n-Save Berryville
Denise Short
Shreckhise Shrubbery
Pete and Autumn Shrock
Richard Shrout
Susan Siegel
Felicia Simmons
Jean Skinner
Janie Slayden
Julia Smith
Mary Smith
Nanette and Ronald Smith
Rachel Smith
Sabrina Smith
Lorraine Sorrick
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church-ECW
Erin Steigleder
Gloria Starkman
Dr. Neil Starr
Eilene Steinberg
Margaret Stem
Joye Stewart
Jeffrey Stosser
Lisa Strader
Patrick Strawderman
Mary Sullivan
Tiffany Sullivan
Teresa Sumrell
T.R.U.S.T. at ODU
Anne and Charles Taylor
Rosalind Taylor
The Crossings Golf Club
The Greater Nazarene Baptist Church
The Micawber Foundation
Barbara Thexton
Gail Thompson
Margiette Tillman
Nancy Tomlinson
Bridgitte Townsell
Natalie Trotter
The Triad Group, LLC
Thomas Upton II
Nancy Urquhart
Krista Varady
Marjorie Vest
Village Bank
Virginia Farm Bureau
Virginia Tech Services
Margaret Volpe
Alice and Finley Waddell
Hope Walker
Betty Warren
Karen Warren
Kathy Wash
Deborah Washington
Cynthia and Laurence Waters
Judy Weatherly
Pamela Webster
Lauri Weiler
Andrea Weisman
Brenda White
White’s Travel Center
Shonda Whitfield
Elwynda Wiggins
Annie Wilkins
Brandi Williams
Deborah Williams
Shirley and Floyd Williams
Nancye Willoughby
Chris and Katie Wilson
Kim Wilson
Wines for Humanity
Olethia Winfield
Patricia Womack
Bernice Wyche
Lisa Yarbough
Camille Younger
Karen Yount
Zion Bethel United Church of Christ- Women’s Ministry

*Donations received in 2017, through November 15th.

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors!


Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital
Hair Cuttery

The Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women’s Imaging
Genomic Health
The Gift Shop at Retreat Hospital

Bon Secours Health System
Clifford L. Deal, III, MD, FACS
Haley Toyota
Middleburg Bank
Radiology Associates of Richmond, Inc.
Towne Bank
VCU Department of Radiology Breast Imaging

Friends of Aces
Nadia Blanchet, MD
Surgical Associates of Richmond, Inc.


In honor of Candace Haske
Beth Butner
Bonnie Cauthorn
Richard Godsey
Stephie Leckie
Terry Muessig
Mary and Matthew Ward

In honor of Lynn Holly
Carson, Tyler & Danny Holly
Paul Desoye

Lisa El-Shall
Katherine LeHew
Kirsta Millar
Jennie Southworth
Elaine Sutton

In-Kind Donors
A. Smith Bowman Distillery
AMPA Events
Anchor Bar
Arbonne Indpendant Consultant
Tonda Arthur
Ashton Creek Vineyard
Athleta Short Pump
Bach to Rock
Barboursville Vineyards
The Beacon Theatre Hopewell
Bella Arte Gallery
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co.
Wendy Blankenship
Blue Water Associates
Bon Air Med Spa
Books A Million
Lisa Britt
Buckingham Greenery
Buffalo Wild Wings
Susan Cheatham
Cindy Childress
Chloe & Isabel
Club West Med Spa
Communications Specialists, Inc.
Athena Conte
Cooper Vineyards/53rd Winery
Cooper’s Hawk Winery
Covington Travel
Cross Creek Nursery
Diamond Carpet Cleaning
East West Communities
EAT Restaurant Group
Edward Johnson Salon
Elite Island Resorts
The Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women’s Imaging
Expression Self and Art
FC Richmond
The First Tee Greater Richmond
FPSR Skin Care and Laser Dept.
The Fresh Market
Daphne Gates
The Gift Shop @ Retreat Hospital
Glamour Eyes Eyelash Extensions
Godiva Store #511 Short Pump
Hair Cuttery
Haley Toyota
Allie Hannon
Candace Haske
Dr. Jacque Hogge
Lynn Holly
i Heart Media
Independence Golf Club
J.S. Coleman
James River Equestrian Center
Laurie Johnston
Jouez Jewelry/ C & C Designs
Kendra Scott
Lanie Keyser
Kim Brundage Photography
King of Pops
Kitty Hawk Kites
Margaret Kohler
La Cucina
L’amour Nails and Spa
Tammy Lanciani
Laser Quest Richmond
Matchbox Short Pump
Matt Lively Studio
Maui Jim Sunglasses
Carolee Mayo
Meadow Farms
Mediterraneo Grill
Middleburg Bank
Kirsta Millar
Monkee’s of Richmond
Jeannie Morley
The Mosquito Authority
Naturals by Meegan
North Banks Restaurant
Olive Oil Tap Room
on u jewlery
O’Tooles Restaurant
Palermo Trattoria Pizzeria
Sarah Parramore
Philip Carter Winery of Virginia
The Pink Palm
Pottery by Leigh
Premier Designs
Pretty Up!
Reservoir Distillery
Richmond Association of Realtors
Richmond Country Club
Richmond Dermatology & Laser Specialists
Rich’s Stitches
Ridezone Carytown
Elizabeth Ringas
Rituals Salon-Spa
River City Food Tours
Robins Junior Programs
Rodan + Fields Life-Changing Skincare
Ruths’ Chris Steakhouse
Salisbury Country Club
Sassy Bee
Saude Creek Vineyards
Segway of Richmond
Service Works
Jennie Southworth
Spencer Devon Brewery
Strangeways Brewing Co.
Margo Suddeth
Surgical Associates of Richmond, Inc.
Taylor Made for You
Sarah Thomas
Trades of Hope
Trinity Episcopal School
Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe
Vino Market LLC
Virginia’s Wine Artist
Visual Arts Center of Richmond
Willow Oaks Country Club
Windy Hill Golf and Sports Complex
Wintergreen Resort
Yves Delorme