Breast Cancer is More than a Pink Ribbon

Blog post by:  Lisa Boudreaux, VBCF Communications Manager

At VBCF we believe that breast cancer is more than a pink ribbon – it is women and men and families. It is scientists and doctors, legislators and advocates. It is drugs and procedures. This is a battle. There are scars. There are victories and losses. Connecting it all is the pink ribbon.

It’s hard not to think of the pink ribbon when you hear the words breast cancer. Come October the ribbon is everywhere you look. It’s on television, in commercials and the news. It’s at your newsstand, in your gym, in your doctor’s office. It’s at the supermarket, in nearly every aisle.

Love it or hate it, the pink ribbon has become a formidable tool. It prompts people to walk, run, and march. It motivates purchases and donations. We see the pink ribbon as a conversation starter. Thirty years ago, cancer was not discussed, and certainly not breast cancer. When we are out in the community, people will see our pink ribbon and come over to start a conversation – about their diagnosis, or that of a family member or friend.

Sometimes they ask about symptoms they may be experiencing. Each October, VBCF hosts the Pink Ribbon Campaign. We distribute ribbons all over the state – and at VBCF, our ribbons come with education.

Each ribbon is attached to a card with information about breast health – in English and Spanish. The cards also give information about the VA Department of Health’s Every Woman’s Life program which provides screening and treatment to the uninsured and underinsured.

We believe the ribbon must lead us all somewhere – to a time when breast cancer is gone. Education gives us a voice to call for that action. The word “advocate”, at its root means voice. VBCF’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer through education and advocacy. VBCF is the place for anyone who wants to see the end of breast cancer. Please join us as an advocate, an educator or a donor.

Lend your voice to the fight.