Awareness is not enough. Education that provides up to date, accurate information about breast health, breast cancer and advocacy is crucial today. VBCF provides public education through conferences, free educational materials and a speaker’s bureau. We also bridge the gap for media and legislators – those who need to know the truth about breast cancer to make important decisions about research and public policy.

Public Education: Each year VBCF reaches over one hundred thousand individuals throughout Virginia with accurate, up to date information on breast cancer research, treatment, and legislation.  We host conferences, distribute educational literature and pink ribbons, provide a speaker’s bureau on breast health and head up the cancer education at RAM.

Advocate Leadership Training: Educated advocates are at the core of our mission. Education in public policy and science gives advocates the tools to sit at the table and shape the future of public policy and research.  VBCF provides opportunities for advocacy training, leadership development, and research and scientific education. For more information contact