Speakers Bureau

Know of a group that wants to learn more about breast cancer?

The Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation offers a Speakers Bureau Program, Stay Abreast, as an important, free tool for educating Virginians on the facts, issues, and truth about breast cancer. Stay Abreast features a staff member or trained volunteer sharing:

  • Basic facts about breast health and anatomy
  • Statistics related to breast cancer
  • Risk factors for breast cancer
  • Detection methods for finding breast cancer
  • How every Virginian can be an advocate for their health
  • Ways individuals can help influence state and national legislation concerning breast cancer

Stay Abreast can be tailored to fit different audiences to give relevant, up-to-date information. Groups who have had a VBCF speaker include:

  • Organizations/Businesses
  • Church Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Women’s/Men’s Groups
  • House Parties
  • Young Women’s Groups, such as sororities
  • Any other group ready to learn more about breast cancer

To request a speaker for your group or event, VBCF must receive a request, preferably 4-6 weeks before your event. If you are requesting a speaker for October, please submit that request as early as possible.

Please click here to submit your request.