Resources for Kids


When Mom has Cancer

  • The Goodbye Cancer Garden
    Authors: Janna Matthies; Kristi Valiant
  • Nowhere Hair: Explains Cancer and Chemo to Your Kids
    Author: Sue Glader
  • My Mum’s Got Cancer
    Authors: Lucy Blunt; Eloise Osborn; Petrea King
  • When Your Mom Has Cancer: Helping Children Cope at Home and Beyond (Religious)
    Author: Maryann Makekau
  • Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: When someone you love has cancer…a hopeful, helpful book for kids
    Author: Ellen McVicker


12 and Up

  • What’s Up with Bridget’s Mom – Medikidz Explain Breast Cancer
    Author: Kim Chilman-Blair


Young Adults

  • Taking Care of Your “Girls”: A Breast Health Guide for Girls, Teens and In-Betweens
    Authors: Marisa Weiss & Isabel Friedman
  • Life on the Refrigerator Door
    Author: Alice Kuipers
  • Breast Cancer Prevention
    Author: Paula Johanson



  • Camp Kesem: Camp Kesem is a week-long camp with various locations across the state for kids 6-16 who have a parent with cancer.