Fundraising Event Guidelines

VBCF is grateful to the many individuals and local businesses across the state who wish to host charitable events and giving campaigns in their communities to support our work. We recognize that a lot of work goes into organizing these events and we thank you in advance.

You must first complete and submit an electronic application on VBCF’s website to provide information about your proposed event. We will do our best to contact you within 5 business days with our decision. Please do not move forward with your plans until you hear from us.

Please note that while VBCF can provide guidance and free educational resources for your event, we are unable to provide administrative or logistical assistance (e.g., distributing invitations, compiling RSVPs, selling tickets, sitting on steering committees, etc.).  If your event is approved, you should be prepared to provide all of the support necessary to organize and conduct it. We also cannot provide or guarantee an audience/attendance for your event.

Following are our guidelines regarding partnerships with individuals or organizations that conduct fundraising events to benefit VBCF.

 As the host of an event raising funds for VBCF, you agree to:

  • Hold VBCF harmless for any liability regarding your event.
  • Clearly state that your event is “to benefit” VBCF and is in no way “Sponsored by” VBCF.
  • Have all public marketing materials referencing VBCF’s name or logo approved by VBCF staff and in accordance with VBCF’s Branding Guidelines.
  • State accurately the amount or percentage of proceeds which will ultimately be donated to VBCF. (ie: 100% of proceeds, $10 of each ticket sold, etc.)
  • Provide VBCF with a list of corporate sponsors that will be targeted for support of any kind, monetary or in-kind (donated goods or services). VBCF reserves the right to exclude solicitation of specific sponsors.
  • Notify VBCF if any significant changes are made to the fundraising event once it has been approved. If circumstances warrant, VBCF may disassociate itself from the event and require that the Third Party refrain from using VBCF’s name, logo, or likeness.
  • Notify VBCF of any press and media coverage for your event.
  • Submit all money raised by your event to VBCF within 30 days of the event.
  • Abide by the following Charitable Giving Guidelines:
    • A donation solicited on VBCF’s behalf, whether the donation is an item or cash, is fully tax deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to VBCF, as we are the only agents who can verify that such a gift was made, and the nature of the gift, to the IRS.
    • In order for a tax receipt to be issued, VBCF must be provided with the donor’s name, complete mailing address and phone number.
    • Any checks made payable to VBCF must be forwarded within 7 days of receipt to VBCF for processing and deposit. Checks must represent an outright donation and cannot include any exchange of products or services. Such donations are tax-deductible and will be receipted by VBCF. 

 VBCF agrees to:

  • Provide our logo for your use in marketing your event. We reserve the right to approve, in advance, all marketing materials using our name and/or logo.
  • Provide VBCF educational and marketing materials to you free of charge. Amounts may be limited.
  • Post your event to our Calendar of Events as appropriate. The Calendar is featured on our homepage and in our monthly e-newsletters distributed to 3,000+ subscribers. Please send a link to your event webpage and a pdf of your event flyer to
  • VBCF will “like” your organization’s Facebook page and status updates that are tagged to VBCF. An organization may also post information specific to the VBCF approved event to VBCF’s facebook page – We cannot guarantee promotion of every event on VBCF’s Facebook page.
  • Provide you with a tax receipt within 7 business days of receiving funds. 

VBCF cannot:

  • Solicit participation from our donors or volunteers in any third party fundraising event beyond notifying them of event details.
  • Provide volunteers for your event.
  • Provide access to mailing lists or organizational contacts.
  • Sell tickets or merchandise for your event.
  • Promote your event in ways not outlined above.
  • Assume any legal or financial liability.
  • Provide insurance or permits of any kind.

Submit an Application

*VBCF may be able to send a representative to your event, however we cannot guarantee it. Please request 30 days in advance if you would like a representative to attend or speak. We will do our best to accommodate requests.

To submit event proceeds, please mail to:
Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation
2821 Emerywood Pkwy, Ste 203
Richmond, VA 23294