Resources for Family and Caregivers

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It is incredibly difficult dealing with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, so we are here to help. Like your loved one who has been diagnosed, it is likely that you have a lot of questions about treatment and managing side effects, as well as managing some of the other logistical aspects of cancer treatment, such as how to pay for treatment and how you can manage the other aspects of your life while your loved one is going through treatment. We have compiled lots of different resources from national and local sources in order to help you take care of your loved one, and yourself, during this challenging time.

The demand on caregivers

How can I not say the wrong thing? Everyone’s situation is different, but this article could be a good guide for navigating this difficult issue.

Can I talk to other family members/caregivers of people with breast cancer who have been through this? The person with the diagnosis isn’t the only one who had their life turned upside down. Check out these groups if you feel you need to have someone to talk to about how your loved one’s cancer is affecting you.

How will we pay for this? Take a look at our list of resources and see if any of them will work for your family.

How can I help my loved one manage their care? Here is a medication management worksheet and one that provides help communicating with providers from a great website,

How do we talk to the kids about this? Here is a list of resources to help you get that conversation going with kids who are connected to the person with cancer.

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