Library Program

Since 2000, VBCF has been fortunate to be able to financially support local libraries and library systems across the Commonwealth through our library program. The VBCF Library Program is an extension of our mission to educate Virginians about breast cancer. Through the program, libraries have been able to purchase books, periodicals, DVDs and other materials to to support women and their families in their community.

  • Awards will be up to $100 per library with library systems being evaluated on an individual basis.
  • The deadline for the current cycle is June 30, 2015.
  • Priority will be given to libraries in underserved communities.
  • A library system may not receive funding in consecutive years.

VBCF Library Program Criteria

  • Library must be open to the public
  • A set of materials should be bought for each branch of the library, or a policy should be in place for lending between branches
  • Collection Development Department at each location has final choice of titles and/or format according to their collection and patrons. VBCF will provide a list of recommended titles. Items purchased must be related to breast cancer or cancer in general.
  • Library purchases books through their jobber
  • Placement of VBCF in the Library Notes Field when each item is requested
  • Library arranges for newspaper coverage at the time of the check presentation or VBCF book display presentation
  • Library will send VBCF an email circulation count at the end of each fiscal year for the books donated by VBCF
  • Library will set up a display of the new books with VBCF information when the books arrive to promote them (VBCF office to provide information that can be used in this display)
  • Library will highlight the VBCF donation on their webpage
  • VBCF will publicize the program in email alerts, newsletter, etc.
  • A report including circulation count by book and general comments will be due July 31st of the year following receipt of funds.
  • Library system must coordinate a breast health educational event during the year of the donation. A speaker from the VBCF Speakers Bureau may be used, or someone else of the library’s choosing.

Choice of Books

  • Books that are not from the VBCF recommended list should be published in the last year or two of the year following receipt of funds.
    • Include factual books that are lay-person friendly
    • Can include some motivational books, but they should not all be this genre
    • Try to include some multi-racial and multi-cultural books as suggestions to meet the needs of all women

Book Plates

  • Each library will be supplied with printed bookplates for more than enough materials when the check is presented
  • The bookplate will include the year donated

Library Grant Awards

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