Newly Diagnosed?


VBCF understands that a diagnosis brings many questions and a need for information to help you decide your path. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide you with resources at this time in your life.

We have created a packet of resources and information that we hope will help you through your diagnosis and treatment. Since we are a Virginia-based organization, we have included a number of local resources that we hope will help you get the care and support that you need in your community. We have also pulled together some links from trusted organizations to give you a general understanding of breast cancer.

These are some questions you may have:

Can I talk to someone ? You may want to call a PHONE SUPPORT LINE or join a LOCAL SUPPORT GROUP to meet other people in treatment and survivors. You can also consider if therapy is right for you by taking a look at our THERAPY RESOURCES.

How will I pay for treatment? You may have many questions about the costs of care. See the resources for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE and insurance.

How do I find out where to get the care I need? Specially trained PATIENT NAVIGATORS can help you find your way.

How can I help my family to understand? Check out these RESOURCES FOR FAMILY MEMBERS.

Should I consider a clinical trial? Learn about the BENEFITS OF CLINICAL TRIALS. Read some MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT CLINICAL TRIALS so you and your doctor can decide if it’s right for you. Learn how to FIND A CLINICAL TRIAL.

What does that word mean? See a GLOSSARY of terms you may be hearing during your treatment.

I am worried about the changes that may happen to my appearance. Where can I find breast forms, a wig, and other supplies? See listings of PRODUCT SUPPLIERS for your area.

What can help the swelling in my arm? See the LYMPHEDEMA resources.

What are some helpful books and websites? See suggestions for BOOKS and ONLINE RESOURCES.

Do you have a resource you would like to see added?  SUBMIT IT HERE.