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If you would like to actively support breast cancer legislation at the state and national level, SIGN UP FOR VBCF’S ADVOCACY ALERTS. These brief email alerts are sent periodically – when your advocacy is needed the most. The Alerts will keep you up to date with the latest breast cancer legislation and provide the tools and information you need to take action. They also provide policy education, with background and details about advocacy issues of interest to the breast cancer community. VBCF offers periodic webinars, and/or in-person training to present in-depth information on policy issues, or to prepare for our state and national advocacy days.  Join us to let your voice be heard – no training is necessary!

2024 Advocacy Alerts


May 23rd: Spring Advocacy Round-Up: VA Advocates on Capitol Hill!

March 27th: Good News from DC: Breast Cancer Research Program funding approved & SCREENS Act Progress

March 20th: 2024 Virginia General Assembly Re-Cap

February 29th: Attend the 2024 National Breast Cancer Coalition Summit: Scholarships Available

January 31st:  New: MORE action needed on HB230!

January 24th: Quick Update about HB230

January 22nd: Diagnostic breast imaging bill being heard in Committee TOMMORROW!

January 3rd:  The Bus is Filling up Fast for 2024 State Breast Cancer Advocacy Day!

2023 Advocacy Alerts

December 7. 2023: Save Your Spot for State Breast Cancer Advocacy Day 2024!

August 17, 2023: Update on Preserving Access to DIEP Flap Reconstruction

May 22, 2023: National Lobby Day Re-Cap

May 8, 2023: CMS Hearing on Preserving Access to DIEP Flap Reconstruction

March 30, 2023: Help preserve access to all reconstruction options for breast cancer patients

March 21, 2023: Attend the NBCC Advocate Leadership Summit for Free!

February 21, 2023: 2023 General Assembly Wind Down and Up Next: National Advocacy

January 23, 2023: General Assembly in Full Swing!

January 10, 2023: Advocacy updates for the New Year

2022 Advocacy Alerts

June 7, 2022: National Lobby Day Report Out

May 2, 2022: Put Your Social Media Account to Work for Breast Cancer!

April 21, 2022:  Join us for NBCC’s Breast Cancer Lobby Day

March 30, 2022:    Spring Advocacy In Action! April Advocacy Meeting, Lobby Day…and More!

February 28, 2022: Attend the 2022 NBCC Advocate Leadership Summit for FREE!

January 28, 2022: Update on HB1243: Not the News We Hoped For.

January 26, 2022: Help Needed ASAP!: Diagnostic breast imaging coverage bill being heard in Committee TOMORROW!

January 21, 2022: Diagnostic Breast Imaging Coverage Bill Introduced at 2022 Virginia General Assembly


2021 Advocacy Alerts

December 16, 2021: Advocacy Wrap-Up & Exciting News for 2022!

July 29, 2021: Let’s Keep the Pressure On! Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer Can’t Wait!

June 14, 2021: Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer Can’t Wait! Urge your legislator to co-sponsor HR 3183/S.1312

May 26, 2021: 2021 National Breast Cancer Lobby Day Re-Cap: Ask your legislator to co-sponsor the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act

April 20, 2021: Join us for National Breast Cancer Lobby Day!: Visit Capitol Hill without leaving your house!

April 6, 2021: Attend for FREE! Advocates in Action to End Breast Cancer: VBCF Scholarships Available for the 2021 NBCC Virtual Advocate Leadership Summit

March 16, 2021: Attend the 2021 NBCC Virtual Advocate Leadership Summit for FREE!

March 2, 2021: That’s A Wrap! General Assembly Session 2021 is Over

January 28, 2021: The Fast and the Furious! Calls Needed TODAY on Paid Family and Medical Leave

January 17, 2021: Paid Family and Medical Leave: Calls Needed Monday, January 18, 2021

January 11, 2021: The 2021 Virginia General Assembly Begins This Week



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