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  • Melatonin may suppress breast cancer tumor growth via @upi - posted on 08/24/2016
  • 5 Cancer Research Stories Worth Following - Summer 2016 via @after20yrs - posted on 08/23/2016
  • Why Would Men Need Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Too? via @clevelandclinic - posted on 08/23/2016
  • Needle biopsies for noninvasive breast cancer: Experts say testing is redundant with current treatment - posted on 08/23/2016
  • Early Tumor Size Change May Predict OS in Metastatic Breast Cancer via @ONAcom - posted on 08/22/2016
  • - Two Genes Might Help Predict Breast Cancer Survival: - posted on 08/19/2016
  • Study links two genes to breast cancer survival - posted on 08/18/2016
  • Via @NPR: Insurers' Fine Print May Exclude Health Care Important To Women - posted on 08/17/2016
  • New Therapies Continue to Emerge in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer via @cure_magazine - posted on 08/11/2016
  • The Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer | Patient Advice | US News - posted on 08/10/2016
  • Lilly breast cancer drug stumbles, but trial continues via @Reuters - posted on 08/10/2016
  • Dopamine Discovery Could Aid In Breast Cancer Treatment - posted on 08/09/2016
  • Hormone Therapy Might Make Breast Cancer Worse via @medicaldaily - posted on 08/09/2016
  • Research reveals patient can have more than one breast cancer, points at... via @bcmhouston @EurekAlertAAAS - posted on 08/09/2016
  • Study may lead to better breast cancer drugs via @medical_xpress - posted on 08/09/2016
  • FDA grants ribociclib breakthrough therapy designation for advanced breast cancer - posted on 08/04/2016
  • American Society of Breast Surgeons recommends against contralateral prophylactic mastectomy - posted on 07/29/2016
  • Cost Considerations in Breast Cancer Genetic Testing via @onclive - posted on 07/28/2016
  • Via @NPR: What Women Need In A Checkup: Test Less, Talk More - posted on 07/28/2016
  • New Breast Cancer Tests May Lead to Underestimate of Risk via @UPMCnews @EurekAlertAAAS - posted on 07/28/2016
  • I.V.F. Does Not Raise Breast Cancer Risk, Study Shows - posted on 07/19/2016
  • Immune Checkpoint Blockade: A New Strategy for the Treatment of Breast Cancer via @TargetedOnc - posted on 07/13/2016
  • EndoPredict vs OncoType Dx for Breast Cancer Predictions via @medscape - posted on 07/12/2016
  • Moderate-to-Vigorous Exercise Improves Subjective Memory in Breast Cancer Survivors via @ONAcom - posted on 07/11/2016
  • Bacteria in Breast Tissue May Protect Against Breast Cancer via @ONAcom - posted on 07/11/2016
  • - Innovative Trials Produce Promising Breast Cancer Drugs: - posted on 07/08/2016
  • Could breast cancer gene also be responsible for one in 20 prostate cancer cases in men? - posted on 07/07/2016
  • Women trust their own judgment when making breast cancer surgery-related decisions - posted on 07/07/2016
  • Acupressure reduced fatigue in breast cancer survivors via @medical_xpress - posted on 07/07/2016
  • Centra starts new cancer care model via @newsadvance - posted on 07/07/2016
  • Gene Tied to Alcohol-Related Breast Cancer via @Newsmax - posted on 07/06/2016
  • Fitbit to participate in breast cancer study with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute via @upstartbusiness - posted on 07/06/2016
  • NIH launches largest-ever study of breast cancer genetics in black women - posted on 07/06/2016
  • Uterine cancer risk higher for women with 'breast cancer gene' mutation - posted on 07/05/2016
  • Older Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer Susceptible to Functional Decline After Starting Treatment via @ONAcom - posted on 07/05/2016
  • Gene mutation 'hotspots' linked to better breast cancer outcomes via @medical_xpress - posted on 06/30/2016
  • NASA launches breast cancer study via @examinercom - posted on 06/30/2016
  • Putting Breast Cancer on a Diet - posted on 06/29/2016
  • Researchers @ Massey Cancer Center Report Surprisingly Positive Results in Combination Drug Therapy Trials via @wcve - posted on 06/28/2016
  • Better understanding of disease biology triggers revolution in male breast cancer - posted on 06/28/2016

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