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Breast cancer up to five times more likely to metastasize even 10 years after childbirth via @CUAnschutz @EurekAlert

Acupressure Relieves Breast Cancer Treatment Symptoms, Study Finds via @MHealthLab

Genetic Testing Guidelines "Not Helpful" in Breast Cancer, Study Shows via @CancerTherAdvsr

Genetic testing does not cause undue worry for breast cancer patients via @medical_xpress

Women Who Suffer From Frequent Hot Flashes More Prone To Breast Cancer, Says Study

Biotech firm Grail conducting large study for early breast cancer detection

Less Invasive Techniques Transform Surgical Management of Breast Cancer via @onclive

Women’s breast cancer risk increases after childbirth, study suggests via @usatoday

Drug Halves Recurrence for Common Breast Cancer
from @WebMD

The IMpassion 130 study (GS1-04) is being touted as establishing a new standard of care at the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Osteoporosis risk rises sharply even for younger breast cancer survivors via @medical_xpress

Cryoablation shows promise in treating low-risk breast cancers

Biomarker used to fight against aggressive breast cancer in international study via @PittsburghPG

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in Mice Inhibited by Migraine Drug via @GENbio

DoD Awards $11M for Phase 2 Trial of TPIV110 Breast Cancer Therapy

UVA: Husband and Wife Doctors Receive $1.8M to Test New Breast Cancer Approach

This Combo Improves Outcomes Over Tamoxifen in Early Breast Cancer

A new type of treatment shows promise against aggressive breast cancer

Google's AI Tool Can Identify One Type of Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Human Doctors

Nearly half of a sample of American patients with metastatic breast cancer reported being pursued by debt collectors

How scientists are treating breast cancer using the immune system

These 6 habits may reduce your risk of breast cancer

Scientists Who Sparked Revolution In Cancer Treatment Share Nobel Prize In Medicine

Top cancer researcher fails to disclose corporate financial ties in major research journals

Breast cancer rates are especially high in Hampton Roads. There's a patchwork of problems behind the numbers.

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