Karin Decker Noss Scholarships

Karin Decker Noss

Purpose:  The Karin Decker Noss Scholarships are provided to fund training for selected participants in medical research and legislative advocacy to carry on the work that Karin began. This scholarship program aims to encourage increased knowledge and education related to breast cancer resulting in stronger breast cancer advocacy and more involvement in VBCF’s breast cancer advocacy program.

Eligibility:  The scholarships are open to current and active members of VBCF’s Advocacy or Education Committees (members for at least 12 months). Applicants must have:

  • Participated in at least 3 meetings over the last 9 months;
  • Attended a state or national advocacy day in the past 2 years; and
  • Live in Virginia.

Award: Applicants can apply to receive scholarship funding for one activity once every 12 months. A reimbursable scholarship of up to $1,000 is awarded to participants for receipts of registration fees, travel (rental car or personal car mileage, coach air or train fare), and standard lodging costs to attend approved conferences and educational courses.

The total number of scholarship awards made will depend on the number of qualified applicants and funds available for a given year.



Advanced: Applicants must have completed NBCC Project LEAD

Other breast cancer-related educational conferences with a strong advocacy component may be approved, but the recipient must apply to VBCF for approval prior to attending.

Process:  Rolling applications will be accepted during the calendar year on a first-come, first-served basis, based on available funds. Applications should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the start date of the conference.  If an applicant meets the criteria set above, VBCF will notify the recipient within 10 business days of the submission.

Commitment: Recipients of the Karin Decker Noss Scholarship must agree to:

  • Continue to serve as an active member of the VBCF Advocacy or Education Committee for two calendar years after the award is made.
  • Submit an educational article related to the conference attended for VBCF’s ENews or a spring or fall newsletter.
  • Attend VBCF’s state and national advocacy days in the 12 months following conference participation.

Background: Karin Decker Noss was a dedicated board member and past president of the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. A retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Karin served in the military for over 20 years. When she was diagnosed with Stage IIB breast cancer in July 1995, her life changed forever. Karin quickly dedicated her life to breast cancer advocacy – working tirelessly in both the legislative and medical communities and dedicating herself to furthering knowledge of scientific issues associated with breast cancer. She wanted people to know the truth about breast cancer. Karin began serving on the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (VBCF) in 1997 and represented VBCF on the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) Board of Directors as well as numerous committees beginning in 1998. She was a graduate of both the Project LEAD and Project LEAD Clinical Trials programs. She served as president and committee chair on the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization Board and served the Y-ME National Capital Area Affiliate in several roles, including president. Karin also served on several peer review panels for both the Department of Defense (DoD) and California Breast Cancer Research Programs and was a member of the DoD Breast Cancer Research Program Integration Panel. Karin lost her battle with breast cancer on February 16, 2008, but many will benefit from the work that she did and the trials in which she participated.

TO APPLY: 2018 Karin Decker Noss Scholarship Application

Questions: Kirsta Millar, Advocacy Manager, at kirsta@vbcf.org or 800-345-8223, ext. 203.