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Breast Cancer News Round-Up – Spring 2024

Stay updated with the latest in breast cancer care: Discover the USPSTF’s new mammography guidelines, federal marijuana rescheduling, a CDC campaign for disabled women, and crucial studies on racial disparities in cancer outcomes.

Empowering Change: Breast Cancer Advocates Take to Capitol Hill

Three days of breast cancer research seminars and advocacy training, followed by 11 Congressional office visits, 2 Senate office visits, 16,848 steps, and 6.5 miles on Capitol Hill! This is what our fantastic group of Virginia breast cancer advocates, VBCF staff, and a Board member accomplished in Washington, DC, during the 2024 National Breast Cancer Coalition’s (NBCC) Advocate Leadership Summit and Lobby Day, May 4-7.

Meet Our Board: Tara Nepper

We are excited to launch a new series titled ‘Meet Our Board,’ where we feature personal insights from our board members. Join us as Tara shares her experiences, motivations, and the impact she aims to make with VBCF.

Beyond the Fear: New Insights into HRT and Breast Cancer Risk

Menopause has been getting some long overdue attention lately, focusing on evolving recommendations for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Why is VBCF talking about menopause? A few good reasons: the risk for breast cancer increases after menopause; the use of HRT has long been connected with increased risk of breast cancer; and many people in treatment…
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VBCF’s Take on the Drop in Breast Cancer Mortality

You may have seen the recent Washington Post article discussing how the death rate for breast cancer has dropped 58% since 1975. And that’s amazing! Back in 1975, mammograms were difficult to access and less accurate, surgery was intensely disfiguring and often involved the removal of chest muscle in addition to breast tissue, and chemotherapy…
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Hidden Options: Breast Cancer Prevention Drugs

Explore the critical challenges of awareness, access, and cost that prevent many from utilizing life-saving breast cancer prevention drugs.

Advocacy in Action: VBCF at the 2024 General Assembly

Learn about VBCF’s 2024 State Breast Cancer Advocacy Day, where our volunteer advocates championed critical breast cancer legislation in the Virginia General Assembly, advocating for accessible care and sharing their powerful stories.

Chemical Exposure & Breast Cancer

You may have seen recent headlines saying something like, “More than 900 widely used chemicals may increase breast cancer risk.” There’s a lot to unpack here, so we’re going to explain the study, what it means for you, and what steps you can take to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Let’s start with the…
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A Look Inside VBCF’s Outreach and Support

For the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation staff, preparation around Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October begins months in advance. We make breast health education available to all walks of our community – from churches to schools, offices to community centers. Although we provide our resources and educational services year-round, our busiest time of year is…
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Giving Tuesday 2023

This Giving Tuesday, we want to share our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible Community Partners from across the Commonwealth! Over 90 events supporting VBCF were held this year, creating a ripple effect of generosity and impact. These events ranged from month-long Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotions, to bake sales, Pink Out games, golf tournaments, festivals, and school fundraisers. Together, these events have…
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