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Breast Cancer News Round-Up – Spring 2024

Stay updated with the latest in breast cancer care: Discover the USPSTF’s new mammography guidelines, federal marijuana rescheduling, a CDC campaign for disabled women, and crucial studies on racial disparities in cancer outcomes.

Beyond the Fear: New Insights into HRT and Breast Cancer Risk

Menopause has been getting some long overdue attention lately, focusing on evolving recommendations for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Why is VBCF talking about menopause? A few good reasons: the risk for breast cancer increases after menopause; the use of HRT has long been connected with increased risk of breast cancer; and many people in treatment…
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VBCF’s Take on the Drop in Breast Cancer Mortality

You may have seen the recent Washington Post article discussing how the death rate for breast cancer has dropped 58% since 1975. And that’s amazing! Back in 1975, mammograms were difficult to access and less accurate, surgery was intensely disfiguring and often involved the removal of chest muscle in addition to breast tissue, and chemotherapy…
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Hidden Options: Breast Cancer Prevention Drugs

Explore the critical challenges of awareness, access, and cost that prevent many from utilizing life-saving breast cancer prevention drugs.

Innovative Collaboration: VBCF Hosts Healthcare Provider Summit

This year, for the first time, VBCF hosted a Healthcare Provider Summit as a part of our More Than a Pink Ribbon luncheon event. We wanted to offer a space for providers to learn about some current topics affecting people with breast cancer and be able to interact with other providers who touch their patients…
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Obesity & BRCA: Unraveling Breast Cancer’s Secrets

Discover the intriguing link between obesity, BRCA mutations, and breast cancer risk, and learn about the potential impact of new weight loss drugs on cancer prevention. Stay informed on the latest research and breakthroughs.

Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Doctor-Patient Communication for Better Outcomes

by: Elizabeth Sanderson, VCU MSW Intern Oftentimes, having a conversation with doctors in a medical setting where they are delivering information can be complicated. This can be due to the amount of information people are receiving, the emotional state of people who are receiving the news, and the medical language used by doctors. If patients…
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Building Support for Breast Cancer in the Black Community

“In Unity there is Strength, In Strength there is Power, In Power there is Change.” – Karen E. Jackson, 1995. Founder & CEO of the Sisters Network, Inc. Reflecting on Black History Month this year, we can’t ignore the disparities in breast cancer outcomes facing the Black community. Despite these challenges, there is much hope.…
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Thermography: Is it a Reliable Alternative to Mammograms?

A mammogram (L) is an X-ray image of the breast that can identify tissue types with different densities, such as masses within the breast. Thermography (R) produces an infrared image that shows the patterns of heat on or near the surface of the body. Image source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration In discussions about mammography…
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VIDEO: The Microbiome & Breast Cancer

Join VBCF’s Erin Steigleder and Dr. Melanie Rutkowski to learn how the microbiome and breast cancer influence each other. Dr. Rutkowski is an Associate Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology at UVA. Learn about the gut microbiome, the breast microbiome (!), and how people can help to keep their beneficial bacteria balanced.