30 Years of Advocacy

Collage of VBCF advocates

VBCF’s story began in 1991 when five women met in an MCV support group. They were frustrated by the lack of state and local resources available for women with breast cancer. They founded VBCF with the mission to Educate, Advocate, and Eradicate breast cancer. 30 years later, we are still working on behalf of all Virginians impacted by this disease. 

One of VBCF’s first advocacy events was a Mothers’ Day Rally at the General Assembly to urge legislators to focus more funding on screening and treatment for breast cancer. Our advocacy work has never stopped. VBCF hosts an annual State Breast Cancer Advocacy Day and organizes volunteer advocates to participate in national breast cancer lobby day each year.  

We train volunteers to speak up and speak loudly! Their efforts keep the pressure on our elected officials to make sure breast cancer continues to be in the spotlight as a public health issue. The pink ribbon is everywhere, and some might think that breast cancer awareness is enough. But we know that until there is an end to breast cancer, advocating for improved screening, treatment options, and funding for breast cancer research is needed. 

Check out some of VBCF’s advocacy accomplishments in the last 30 years: 

  • Insurance coverage for breast reconstruction and 48-hour hospital stay for mastectomies
  • VA was the 3rd state in the nation to pass a breast density notification law.  
  • Passage of the Oral Chemo Drug Parity law requiring health insurance to cover oral chemo drugs at the same rate as IV chemo.  
  • More recently, VBCF was the only cancer organization in the state to advocate for a medical marijuana program.  
  • Medicaid Expansion – since 2018, over 450,000 people in VA have enrolled in Medicaid.
  • Research dollars through the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program: $3.9 billion since 1993 with $45 million in grants to Virginia research institutions.

Learn how you can raise your voice and get involved – click here to watch a video to get you started. Want to learn more about our legislative priorities? Click here.

$30 for 30 Years!

You can honor that groundbreaking Mother’s Day event 30 years ago that launched VBCF – please consider a gift of $30 to partner with us continue this fight.

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