Community Partner Spotlight: White’s Travel Center

“When we first came up with the “White’s Goes Pink” concept, I said if we could impact just one person, I would be happy. I never thought it would be me….but I’m so glad it was!!”

Mellyora Mason, White’s Travel Center

VBCF is fortunate to have so many fantastic community partners from around the state, helping us raise awareness and funds during October for our education and advocacy work. For the past 3 years, White’s Travel Center in Raphine, VA, has been a steadfast partner, raising almost $14,000 for VBCF with “White’s Goes Pink.” During October, they collect donations, have a raffle, and host a bake sale, and White’s even matches the donations. VBCF provides a breast health education table. White’s also hosts the UVA Mobile Mammography van one day during October so that the public can get a mammogram on-site. Little did they know that last year, one of their own would benefit.

Mellyora Mason works at White’s Travel Center and helps organize “White’s Goes Pink.” When VBCF’s Fund Development Manager, Kirsta Millar, contacted Mellyora about plans for 2019, she was surprised by Mellyora’s response:

“It has been a very special year for me….at our [White’s Goest Pink] event last year, I visited the mobile mammography from UVA, and a week later I found out that I had breast cancer. Early detection may have saved my life. I had four biopsies, surgery on March 1, and radiation through the end of May. I feel terrific now and believe now more than ever that grassroots campaigns such as ours can make a world of difference. I’m not sure how much involvement I will have in this year’s event, but I will be on the sidelines cheering and sharing my story with anyone who will listen!”

Mellyora’s story is a powerful example of why community events matter and why early detection is so vital. We are wishing Mellyora all the best as she moves into the survivorship phase of her breast cancer journey!

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