The Results are In: OUT National Cancer Survey

At the end of June, the National LGBT Cancer Center released the first summary of results from its OUT: National Cancer Survey, a survey of over 2,700 LGBTQI+ cancer survivors in the United States. LGBTQI+ cancer survivors are an under-researched group, and at least for breast cancer, they can also be disproportionately affected by the disease. Unsurprisingly, breast cancer was one of the top five cancers reported by the respondents. Specific to our population, women and those who identify as gender-expansive (non-binary, transgender, gender non-conforming, etc.) seemed to encounter more obstacles in their cancer journey, starting at diagnosis. A higher percentage of folks in this group had a “disrespectful” delivery of their cancer diagnosis, decided not to disclose their LGBTQI+ status, faced less culturally competent care, and/or were less likely to be able to find appropriate resources for LGBTQI+ cancer survivors. 

Window Cling

As one of the marketing partners of this survey, VBCF was very interested in these results. One response really stood out to us: 88% of LGBTQI+ saw no visual representation of welcoming care (rainbows, visible non-discrimination policy, etc.) at their provider’s office, but seeing something welcoming was important to a majority of women and gender-expansive patients (58% and 78% respectively).

Inspired by this, we decided to send a letter with LGBTQI+ breast cancer information and resources to imaging centers all across the state, including window clings of our combination pink/rainbow ribbon for the providers to display. We want everyone seeking a mammogram in Virginia to feel as comfortable as possible with the process, and that starts in the waiting room. 

Visit the National LGBTQ Cancer Network to read the report. 

If you are a provider and are interested in the resources we have collected (or want to share them with your provider), reach out to Erin at

We have extra ribbon window clings available! Send Nikki an email at to request one.

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