VBCF is Here for You

While we are working remotely, we’re still here to help. Virginians affected by breast cancer are our priority, and we know this is a challenging time. Please know that we continue to work for you. We are still updating our website resources, sharing information on Facebook, capturing the latest research news on Twitter, and blogging

Tips & Resources:

There are SO many – but here is a handful…

Stay Home! 

There are a lot of unknowns right now but staying home is a proven method of weakening this virus’ impact.

To the extent we are able, let’s change our behavior to avoid being exposed to, getting, and/or unknowingly transmitting this disease to others, especially our elders and those with fragile health in our community. 

Stay Active!

Dance like no one is watching and wash your hands like the whole world is.

  • Wash your hands. Sing the happy birthday song twice while thoroughly rubbing soap all over your hands. TWICE. Or check out some of these other suggestions
  • Exercise. Do what you can, for as long as you can, with what you have, as often as you can. There are lots of “listicles” out there right now with free resources for working out from home, so Google it and find one you like!
  • Eat well. If you’re “stuck” at home, take the time to make those dishes you’ve always wanted to try. Write down what you’re consuming – that can help you avoid unconscious/boredom snacking.
  • Be Mindful. Purposely bring your attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment. It’s way harder than it sounds but also has more impact on your mindset than you might think. Give it a try!

Stay Informed!

We can’t believe everything we read.

Find reputable sources – we all love our social media but we know Aunt Lucy has “questionable” posts.

Listen to Your Doctor

If you are currently going through treatment or in the process of being diagnosed, please follow the CDC’s recommendations and ask your health care provider for guidance on how to proceed during this public health crisis. Some hospitals and surgery centers are limiting or even eliminating “elective” surgeries, which may include some breast cancer surgeries or biopsies. They are doing this to conserve medical supplies that keep our medical providers safe during this emergency situation so that they can remain healthy and still able to help. 

If you are worried about what this means for you, please call your medical team so they can explain their plan to you. Try to keep in mind that this is a temporary problem (though it may seem like forever!), and once the viral cases begin to decrease, doctors will be able to start providing other necessary care to patients. If you are currently receiving chemotherapy or radiation, it is extra important for you to be in communication with your providers and let them know about any new symptom you might be experiencing, and ask for their guidance on keeping scheduled appointments and how strict your “social isolation” should be at this time. 

Stay Tuned!

VBCF is here for you. Here are Ways to Stay Informed:

Please reach out if you have a question – we are here to help! VBCF staff are sending out our free Newly Diagnosed Packets and Educational Materials when requested. Shipping will be handled on a weekly basis. Please be patient, as our top concern is everyone’s health and safety!

Sign up for VBCF’s Advocacy Action Alerts. These emails will keep you up-to-date with the latest breast cancer legislation – at both the state and national levels – and provide the tools you need to take action. They also provide policy education, with background and details about issues of interest to the breast cancer community. New for 2020 – VBCF plans to offer conference calls, webinars, and/or in-person training on important policy issues and for preparation for our state and national advocacy days.

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